Aircraft free baggage allowance

Норма бесплатного провоза багажа в самолете

The free baggage allowance on the aircraft is set by the airline. There are certain restrictions on the weight, size and number of pieces of baggage that an air passenger can take with him on a flight: the free baggage allowance in economy class is 20 kg, in business class 30 kg and in first class 40 kg. When planning your trip, we recommend that you weigh your baggage in advance if you suspect that the weight will exceed the free baggage allowance.

If your baggage exceeds the established limits, you will have to pay for each kilogram of excess baggage. You can make an additional payment for excess baggage directly at the representative office of the airline, or its authorized agent.

The further the flight, the more expensive (as a rule) the surcharge for each kilogram of excess baggage will be. For example: for excess baggage to Barcelona you will have to pay about $15, and to Tokyo about $65 for each kilogram of excess baggage.

The maximum dimensions (length + width + height) of each piece of baggage must not exceed 160 cm. Excess baggage will only be transported if there are technical possibilities.

These rules do not apply to:

oversized baggage (the weight of one piece, which does not exceed 30 kg or the sum of the dimensions of which exceeds 160 cm);
equipment for skiing, golf or water sports;
televisions, tape recorders or other electronic household appliances weighing more than 10 kg;
domestic animals and birds, with the exception of guide dogs;
flowers, plant seedlings, food greens, weighing more than 5 kg.
The carriage of the above items is announced by the passenger in advance when buying a ticket, booked and paid separately, and provided subject to technical availability, estimated by weight, regardless of the number of pieces of the passenger's other checked baggage.

When flying to the USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, this rate is two pieces, the total dimensions of which (length + width + height) do not exceed 158 cm and the weight of each piece does not exceed 32 kg.

Immigrant fares have special baggage allowances. These norms can exceed the usual ones by 2-3 times.