Carrying weapons on an airplane

Перевозка оружия в самолете


If you intend to carry firearms on the plane, you must notify the agent when purchasing the ticket. Transportation of weapons in the passenger cabin of the aircraft is prohibited. At the discretion of the airline, weapons can only be accepted for air transportation in a special lockable metal container in a special baggage compartment. Not all types of aircraft have compartments for carrying weapons.

Ammunition for weapons is accepted for transportation in the amount of one set of ammunition, equipped in regular clips (magazines, bandoliers) and packed together with weapons in a metal box. A container for transporting weapons is provided by the airline.

The airline has the right to refuse to transport weapons to you for reasons of flight safety.

If the airline changes the type of aircraft and it is not equipped to carry weapons, you will also be denied the carriage of weapons (despite the previous agreement with you and the presence of the purchased air ticket). The refusal for the same reason also applies if you return, you will have to wait for the aircraft that will be equipped to carry weapons.